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A huge untapped labour force is ex-professional women who have decided to stay home with their children. These women are often highly educated, incredibly competent and have a vast amount of valuable industry experience. These women are also very committed to bringing their best to their families. More often than not, when forced to choose between family and work, they choose family. The traditional workplace doesn’t allow for their unique experience and many decide to opt out, taking all of their experience, energy and education with them. Your business could grow immensely if you found a way to leverage this labour market. Goddess Concepts is committed to connecting forward-thinking organizations with this highly-talented labour force. We want to change the way the world does business by leveraging the unique perspectives and experiences of women in a way that works powerfully for them.

Career Corner

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Being Passionate and Fearless Teleseminar
July 12, 19, 26, Aug 2, 2006
9pm EST (all calls will be recorded)

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Windsor, ON
July 2006

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Windsor, ON
September 2006

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Toronto, ON
September 2006