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EmpowHER Yourself I

Do you ever feel like you arenít being totally true to who you really are? The fact is that most women feel as if a part of them is missing. Most women are unsatisfied with the different aspects of their lives including family, career and relationships. If itís not one specific area then itís the problem of trying to balance all the different aspects and still take care of you.

Who are you anyway? If this thought has ever crossed your mind then you are ready to EmpowHER Yourself! This is a workshop for women who want to reconnect with who they really are. This is a workshop for women who want to uncover their inner power and start living the life of their dreams.

The objective of EmpowHER Yourself is to help you reconnect with who you really are and express it in a way that works in the real world. This 2-day course includes:

  • Rediscovering who you really are.
  • Reconnecting with your life passions.
  • Creating your personal vision for the future of your dreams.
  • Determining your core values and guiding principles to help you master every decision you ever have to make.

By the end of this program you will be very clear about your own unique identity and you will feel confident in expressing it in all the aspects of your life. You will have a clear picture of what you are passionate about and what your future holds for you. You will have techniques to help keep you moving towards your vision and tools for making the decisions along the way.

Price $1295
For scholarships, promotions and family & group pricing, please contact us.

Course Calendar

  • September 2006 - Toronto, ON
  • November 2006 - West Coast USA (TBD)
* Dates, Locations and Trainers are subject to change without notice.
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