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Goddess Concepts is dedicated to bringing your attention to powHERful products, ones that have a positive and empowering effect on teen girls. There are so many products and messages in the marketplace that work to take away your power. We are committed to holding companies accountable for the impact that their products and information have on teen girls. We started out by evaluating books and the information available to teen girls. Our vision is to branch out to other products creating a valuable resource for teen girls one they can trust absolutely. If you have or know of a product that is empowering to teen girls then please contact us with more details.

PowHER Products

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Being Passionate and Fearless Teleseminar
July 12, 19, 26, Aug 2, 2006
9pm EST (all calls will be recorded)

SMASHING Goals Teen Girl Workshop
Windsor, ON
July 2006

Be True, GIRL Workshop
Windsor, ON
September 2006

empowHER Yourself Workshop
Toronto, ON
September 2006