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EntreprenHER GIRL

Were you always the girl with the lemonade stand or the bake sale? Did you ever find creative ways to get your parents to pay for your services like lawnmowing or laundry? Do you love the thrill of making your own money? You just might be an EntreprenHER! Research shows that there aren't a lot of people under 22 starting companies and those who do tend to be males. Yet, one million Canadian women will own a small business by 2010, according to a report released by the CIBC, "Women Entrepreneurs: Leading the Charge". These women have to come from somewhere and it all starts with you.

The objective of the EntreprenHER GIRLS is to help you envision, plan and launch your business based on your energy, enthusiasm and interests.

This 5-day course includes:

  • Developing vision, mission and core values.
  • How to establish benchmarks, plan and measure your success.
  • What is marketing, sales, customer services and other goodies.
  • Understanding financial statements and other things like that.
  • A SMASHing planning session to clearly communicate your plan.
  • How to market, how to sell and how to manage the details.

By the end of this program you will be psyched to get your business off the ground. You will know how to bootstrap your resources to get the most out of everything you know. You will know where and how to ask for help. You will have a solid plan of action for your business and definitive benchmarks to use as guideposts. You will understand the different aspects of your business and how to powerfully integrate them. You will be able to recreate your plan as your business evolves because you will have the techniques behind managing your whole business.

Price $2995
For scholarships, promotions and family & group pricing, please contact us.

Course Calendar

  • May 2007 - Windsor, ON
* Dates, Locations and Trainers are subject to change without notice.

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