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Being physically active is one of the most important things that you can do to feel good about yourself. Did you know that benefits of physical activity include increased self-esteem, increased energy and a lower incidence of depression. Yet, once physical education becomes optional, about 90% of girls drop out of it in school. Only 11% of girls are physically active by the time they reach 16 years old. We donít think the problem is that girls donít like sports, we think that the system hasnít presented sports to girls in a way that works FOR GIRLS!

HypHERactive is about getting you juiced about being active. Itís about showing you how many different things you can do to be active and how good it makes you feel. This is a high energy, experiential conference so you can decide for yourself what works FOR YOU!

The objective of the conference is to have you experience a variety of different activities and to learn a thing or two about your body and your health. You are guaranteed to find something that you LOVE.

This 1Ĺ -day conference will include focus in the following areas:

  • Yoga.
  • Pilates.
  • Dance Ė Hip hop, Jazz etc.
  • Traditional Sports (eg. Soccer, basketball, hockey).
  • Newer Sports like snowboarding, skateboarding and ultimate frisbee.
  • Workouts and gym exercises.
  • Physcial Health and well-being.
  • Eating Healthy and Eating disorders.
  • Being out in nature.

By the end of this conference you will be psyched to be active and you will know exactly what you like to do. You will understand your body more and how the foods you eat affect how you feel. You will know where to get information and how to prepare yourself to participate in just about anything. Best of all, you will feel great!.

Price $995
For scholarships, promotions and family & group pricing, please contact us.

Course Calendar

  • July 2007 - Toronto, ON
* Dates, Locations and Trainers are subject to change without notice.

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