Goddess Concepts

The Goddess Fund

This fund is built on the adage “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. As an individual your charitable donations might not get very far or make the impact that you wish they could. There are two basic solutions to this challenge:

  1. Increase the size of your individual charitable donations
  2. Pool your money with like-minded individuals to make a bigger impact

The Goddess Fund is a revolutionary way of thinking about charitable giving. We thought of this one day when we tossing around the idea of starting our own charity. Somebody mentioned that there were already a large number of worthy charities out there that needed our support. These charities didn’t need another charity to compete with. That’s when it hit us – The Goddess Fund. We could leverage the power of our sizable Goddess Concepts community to cause significant impacts to the lives of other women and girls in need. Here is an example of how it works:

Woman #1 - individual donation of $1,000
Woman #2 ­- individual donation of $500
Woman #3 - individual donation of $200
Woman #4 - individual donation of $2,000

The $3,700 donation can have more impact if it is all directed towards the SAME PROJECT or FOCUS AREA of ONE CHARITY. The donation still comes directly from the individual so you still enjoy tax benefits, however the donation is grouped with other like-minded people and given at the same time in “group format” so that they charity understands that the group has a specific project in mind. This concept can get very powerful when large sums of money are involved because now we can start to establish specific endowments and other capital projects.

Think of Goddess Concepts as the “hub” in your like-minded network “wheel”. We don’t take any money from you, we just help you find and organize other like-minded donors.

If you are interested in this concept then please contact us.

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